I Gene

The I Gene project tries to combine the ancient Chinese oracle I Ging with modern Life Science. A formal similarity between the I Ging and the Genetic Code in terms of Hexagrams/Codons is used for visualization of genetic information (DNA sequence). A possible relation between codon position in a cubic table based on I Ging and the spatial folding of proteins - as postulated by Karsten K. Panzer PerZan is evaluated by comparing the result of an I Gene based prediction and chrystallographic data.

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The exhibition I Gene visions was open to public at

FH Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - University for Applied Sciences, Grantham-Allee 20, 53757 St. Augustin, Germany,

from Jan. 09 through Mar. 27, 2000.


correlation I Ging and genetic code amino acids in colour cube special codons in colour cube
Correlation between DNA codons, Amino Acids, and I Ging Hexagrams; arrangement in a cubic colour space Representation of amino acids in PerZan's cubic colour space Characteristic codons/amino acids in PerZan's cubic colour space
gene analysis and protein shape prediction analysis and shape prediction LacRep shape prediction hmfB
Genome analysis and 3D shape prediction for proteins Analysis and shape prognosis for Lactose Repressor headpiece 3D shape prognosis for hmfB protein, compared to chrystallographic structure

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